High speed, extreme demands

The development in the metal working industry resembles many other industries where an increasing number of operations must be performed at higher speeds. The requirements on the cut surface quality can vary according to application, but in most cases there is no finishing which calls for a fine cut with very high surface quality.

In turn this requires optimized tooth geometry and a saw body which can withstand the high strain and minimise the risk of vibration leading to tear-up of the edges.

Increased focus on yield requires blades with thinner saw body and kerf. Apart from the obvious benefit that thin kerf removes less expensive raw material, the slim design also reduces the strain on the equipment. Not to mention the potential of reduced power consumption!

Its afterwords you notice the difference!

The large forces generated when cutting at high speeds requires extra sharp, strong and durable
tools.We have extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of customized cutting
solutions for profiles and a wide variety of other applications in aluminium and non-ferrous metals.

An important step in this process, and a contributing factor why we consider ourselves to be a bit sharper then our competitors, is the unique stability of our saw bodies which ensures the blade performance even at high strain. Through customized application design very good cutting properties is achieved which allows for optimization of kerf and quality of cut.

Apart from solutions for cutting non-ferrous metals, we can also offer dedicated solutions for stainless steel as well as various sandwich materials e.g. garage doors and wall fixtures containing a comination of steel and foam materials.

We are your partner, particularly in the development of technically demanding customized blades
when performance counts – Set us a challenge!