Increased productivity demands high quality tools
Increased productivity is essential for all businesses in the fight for market share. The sawmill industry is no exception and there are continuing efforts to achieve increased profitability through improved yield and various rationalizations in order to cut costs and shorten lead-times.

What is needed are stable tools with high sawing accuracy that even at higher feed rates provide a high quality cut and optimal running time to avoid unnecessary and costly downtime. Increased focus on yield requires blades with thinner saw body and kerf. Apart from the obvious benefit that thin kerf removes less expensive raw material, the slim design also reduces the strain on the equipment. Not to mention the potential of reduced power consumption!

We’ve got what it takes!
The large forces generated when cutting at high speed requires extra sharp, strong and durable tools. With more than 50 years experience as a supplier to sawmills around the world, we know what it takes to develop and produce blades that can withstand the rough production environment in the saw mill.

In addition to extensive experience in development and manufacturing, we also have great knowledge about different types of machinery and the customizing necessary to achieve the optimum sawing result.

Our product range covers a wide range of sawmill blades and segments, each optimized for use in sawmills including: Heinola (Ahlström), ARI, HewSaw, Linck, EWD, Söderhamn, Catech etc.

We are your partner, particularly in the development of technically demanding, customized blades
when performance counts – set us a challenge!