How to select the right saw blade?

Our range of saw blades covers cutting of most materials being processed in the wood, metal, plastic and food industries. How the blade should be designed mainly depends on the properties of the materials, how it is processed and type of machinery used. The design of the sawtip geometry, their number, width, angle and individual distance (pitch), varies depending on the situation as well as the application.

To facilitate the process of selecting the blade, we have developed a coding system that makes it easy to choose the right tool. By folllwing our instructions you are able to design a blade which fits with your needs.

On the following pages we take you through our guidelines which eventually lead to a code for your specific blade design. As an alternative we recommend that you use our inquiry/orderform, available under “contacts” you can fill in all relevant informations necessary for optimal performance including machinetype, rpm, feeding/speed, flange size etc.

The more information you supply us, the better are our possibilites to design the right blade!