Rake angle

The rake angle depends on the type of material and cut, and in some cases the type of machine used. The follwing are recommended rake angles for various materials and applications.


Rake Angle -5, -10

Crosscutting of wood in pendulum, chop saws, paralell cutting and edge band cutting.




Rake Angle -5

Cutting of non-ferrous metals, plastics and laminates with



Rake Angle 5-8


Cutting of hard plastics, veneered and laminated boards, mitrcutting of wood and non-ferrous metals.




Rake Angle 10-15


Crosscutting  of wood and and panel sizing of fibreboard, plasterboard, chipboard, veneered board and plywood.



Rake Angle 20


Ripping of dry and green wood.




Rake Angle 25-30


Ripping and edging of green wood.